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Pro scan machineWhat We Do

Airmarine specializes in two distinct and fine-tuned systems of repair for all
brands of outboard/sterndrive and inboard marine propellers. Our flagship
outboard/stern drive division utilizes time-tested traditional repair techniques
to service both aluminum and stainless steel propellers, as well as inboard
propellers that measure less than 15 inch diameter. We start with a
straightening process that restores damaged blade shape through factory -
quality pitch blocks. Then, propellers are welded to replace lost or damaged

Airmarine/Propulsion Engineering is the only propeller shop in the world
certified by the National Marine Propeller Association in aluminum and
stainless steel propeller repairs and
certified by Propeller Dynamics to tune and modify inboard propellers of any material.

PROPULSION ENGINEERING --the inboard division of Airmarine-- features advanced Prop Scan
computer analysis and repair technologies to
fine-tune pitch, camber, and blade design to meet or exceed rigid ISO standards.

Airmarine's sales division can supply everything you need for your boating application.

We stock thousands of new, reconditioned, and rare propellers so that we can best outfit every boat, every time, with the right propeller.

For outboard and sterndrive applications, we stock Michigan Wheel replacement propellers, Mercury Marine and Quicksilver original equipment propellers, Volvo Penta original equipment propellers, and Bombardier original equipment propellers (formerly OMC).
For inboard applications, we stock and sell propellers from virtually every major manufacturer, including Michigan Wheel (Federal), Teignbridge, Acme, ZF Marine (Faster), and Hall & Stavert (Hy Torq). We are inboard specialists with the knowledge and supplies to help you get the best performance and mileage out of your pleasure craft, yacht, or ski boat.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service, only the best repairs, and a selection sure to satisfy your needs.

Airmarine in Chicago, IL offers services and repair for boats and propellers.Airmarine

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